OÜ von Ramm 
Padise mõis
Padise küla, Padise vald,Harjumaa 76001

Tel. number: +372 608 7877


Padise Manor

Padise Manor is an 18th century historic mansion currently housing a hotel and restaurant.   Padise Manor is located approximately 50 kilometers away from the Estonian capital city of Tallinn. The manor sits directly on the Keila-Haapsalu highway (road number 17). The manor house sits just 25 meters away from an extraordinary 13th century monastery ruin. The whole area was once one large estate and is a fascinating place to walk around and experience the history.

The manor house is completely renovated on the outside and partly on the inside. Currently, the manor is a fully functioning hotel and restaurant. The restaurant features seating inside the manor and a large terrace which faces the Padise Monastery ruins, perfect for a day with nice weather. There are now 15 hotel guest rooms for anyone seeking a truly luxurious manor experience in the Estonian countryside.

The history of the von Ramm family and this estate begins in 1622 when King Gustav Adolf II of Sweden granted the Monastery and surrounding land to Thomas von Ramm as a gift. The manor house, itself, was built in 1766 when the von Ramm dwelling inside the Padise Monastery burned and they were forced to build new shelter. The manor has a long history and you might even be fortunate enough to hear the faint sighing of the ghost of a woman from the 18th century who lived in the manor.  The von Ramm family bought back Padise Manor in the late 1990's is fully committed to restoring the manor to it's former glory.



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